Sony releases firmware that allows Kodi installations on Android TVs


Turns out it was Kodi's fault, not Sony's.

Sony has released firmware that will stop blocking the media streaming app Kodi from being installed on its Android TVs.

Initial reports back in January suggested that Sony was intentionally blocking Kodi, though both Sony and now Kodi have said the situation was accidental.

“It appears that it was a software bug in the firmware that caused users to be prevented from installing Kodi on newer [Sony Electronics] TVs,” the official Kodi Twitter account reads. “This was because of a certain letter combination in our package ID. Sony promised an update will be sent out to fix this problem.”

Considering how aggressive Kodi was towards Sony back in January, perhaps an apology is in order? At any rate, the firmware update can be found right here on Sony’s site.

Have you had trouble installing Kodi on your new Android TV?