Kodi alleges Sony is blocking its media app on Android TVs


Sony's keeping quiet on the matter.

Media app leader Kodi is alleging that Sony is blocking installation of the popular service on its Android TV range.

“Well done [Sony] for actively preventing users from installing Kodi on their newer Android TVs,” Kodi’s official Twitter account fired off following a number of reports on Kodi’s forums.

“How grown up of you. Even their firmware in the TVs is broken. Guess we will suggest users to just buy something else that does work.”

Kodi believes that Sony is blocking the Kodi media app’s package ID from Google Play; a recompiled app that uses a different package ID installs in tests.

Sony has yet to comment on the matter, but it’s believed the alleged block has been put in place as an attempt to curb piracy — Kodi is a leading platform when it comes to pirating movies and television shows.