Has Xbox One ditched Kinect for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant?


Alexa, play State of Decay 2.

In the wake of Xbox One retiring Kinect, the console looks to soon be adding digital assistants through Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

The report comes from Windows Central, which cites a source who says the Xbox One will soon sport a “Digital Assistants” section in its Settings menu.

When the Digital Assistants option is enabled, your Xbox One will support Alexa, Google Assistant and Microsoft’s own Cortana.

Microsoft drove the final nails into Kinect’s coffin back in October of last year, when the company ceased production of the peripheral. In addition to body tracking used in titles like Xbox Fitness, the Kinect also supported voice commands. It looks like the latter will return thanks to this new feature.

Only the original Xbox One offers a dedicated port for Kinect; both the Xbox One S and Xbox One X require adapters to use the peripheral (which are also discontinued, by the way).

We’ll keep you posted on Xbox One Digital Assistant support as we learn more.