Xbox Canada’s Community Manager just teased… something [Update: Maybe Call of Duty: World at War II]


Raj Patel, Xbox Canada’s Community Manager, has taken to Twitter to tease… well, something.

Patel has posted a red pause symbol surrounded by morse code.

Translated, the code reads “Presented by Xbox, 10am PDT, 1pm EST, May 4th 2015.”

Any guesses to what this is alluding to? We can’t help notice the date in question is Star Wars Day… but just what does the pause symbol mean?

Update: According to NeoGAF, a tweet by Anonymous recently showed off a Call of Duty: World at War II promotional image that allegedly outs the game’s reveal for 4 May, 2015. Notice the red II?

Update 2: Patel has taken to Twitter to say that the image was “unofficial”.