Discless Project Scarlett ‘Lockhart’ still planned, says report


Rumours are swirling once again.

A discless Project Scarlett codenamed Lockhart is still planned for release alongside the standard (more powerful) Project Scarlett itself, a new report suggests.

This time, it’s Kotaku that says Lockhart will be available next year. Lockhart has allegedly been dubbed Scarlett Arcade in comparision to the regular Project Scarlett (or Anaconda) and features specs considerable to the PS4 Pro, sources state.

The Lockhart allegedly feature SSD storage like the beefier Scarlett and will be able to output in 1440p at 60FPS. The Verge states that Lockhart will target around 4 teraflops of graphical power as compared to 10 teraflops targetted by the flagship Scarlett.

For now, consider this all rumour and speculation; Microsoft hasn’t confirmed any details as yet. We’ll keep you posted when more of Project Scarlett becomes available.