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Renders show off PS5, Xbox Series consoles with a 30″ TV for scale

The console's almost as big as the TV...

New renders from modeller @keisawada have shown off the size of the PS5 compared to an Xbox Series X, an Xbox Series S, a Nintendo Switch and a 30″ TV for scale.

You might laugh at a 30″ TV, but it’s likely that Japanese players would have smaller TVs to suit smaller living spaces. If nothing else, the PS5 in its vertical position is nearly as tall as the damn TV, and that’s as funny as it is scary… and for what it’s worth, the Xbox Series X isn’t far behind.

The renders are useful for scale, but I’m amazed at the gargantuan TV stand the modeller thinks we all have. Personally, my TV stand is wide enough for the 55″ TV that sits upon it, so I won’t be able to position any console in the ways shown here.  Additionally, since the consoles are so large with proper ventillation in mind, it’s also important to space ’em out so they can breathe.

With this information in mind, are you concerned about where you’re going to place the shiny new consoles you’re buying in November? Let us know in the comments below.

The Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X head to stores on 10 November, followed days later by the PS5 on 12 November.


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