PUBG is coming to PlayStation 4 in December – analyst


But is it too late for PUBG to make a mark on PS4?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds will be released on PlayStation 4 next month, according to industry analyst Daniel Ahmad, who posted it as a fact on ResetEra.

It follows previous evidence of an imminent arrival on PS4, including a listing in the PS4 game database and a leak by the Korean Ratings Board.

A December release would see PUBG arrive on PS4 12 months after it launched in game preview on Xbox One, but just 3 months after the full release on Xbox.

However, that release has been plagued with technical issues. PS4 Pro could benefit from the bugs being ironed out on Xbox One X; although, those issues are still lingering, with new performance rending modes slated to arrive this month. If those don’t significantly improve performance on Xbox One X, we don’t like its chances on PS4 Pro. Plus with Call of Duty’s Blackout providing a much smoother and technically superior experience, is it too late for PUBG to make a mark on PlayStation?

Meanwhile, Microsoft has teased big PUBG Xbox news for its X018 event this weekend.

PUBG is out now on Windows PC, Xbox One, iOS and Android.