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Phil Spencer answers fans on Japanese games, Scorpio and 4K backwards compatibility


Xbox boss Phil Spencer took to Twitter last night to answer a series of fan questions on the future of Xbox, including getting more Japanese publisher support and running older games on Scorpio.

Spencer revealed he’s heading to Japan next week to meet with several third party publishers, and acknowledged fans expect more Japanese developed games on Xbox One.

On Scorpio, he said updated versions of older Xbox One games need to convince gamers the upgrade is worthwhile, not just new games released alongside and after the console, suggesting many older games will be patched.

In other interesting tidbits, he talked about wanting to do more with avatars on Xbox One. “I thought Avatars were a great part of 360 and we kind of lost them in XB1, we should do more with them, things like rewards,” said Spencer.

He was upfront in confirming there is no date for Call of Duty: Black Ops II to be made backwards compatible. But did say, while he hasn’t heard anything, he thinks the chances of Civilization Revolution coming to Xbox One are “pretty good”. While he’s aware of all games in the pipeline to be made backwards compatible, Spencer doesn’t know when third parties will announce new titles; that’s up to them. The two primary reasons for games not being made backwards compatible is expired licensing, like music used in old sports games, and technical issues, like Kinect implementation.

As for backwards compatible Xbox 360 games on Scorpio, they might be upscaled, but don’t expect any of them to get a 4K patch. “[Xbox] 360 games are tough [to upgrade on Scorpio] as most don’t have 4K assets,” said Spencer. “Nice thing about our recent games is we have 4K assets from PC versions.”