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Nvidia apologises for global RTX 3080 availability

Sorry (not sorry?)!

In what’s seemingly becoming a trend with hardware in 2020, Nvidia has taken to its forums to apologise for global RTX 3080 availability in the face of high demand.

“This morning we saw unprecedented demand for the GeForce RTX 3080 at global retailers, including the NVIDIA online store. At 6 a.m. pacific we attempted to push the NVIDIA store live. Despite preparation, the NVIDIA store was inundated with traffic and encountered an error. We were able to resolve the issues and sales began registering normally,” the manufacturer wrote.

“To stop bots and scalpers on the NVIDIA store, we’re doing everything humanly possible, including manually reviewing orders, to get these cards in the hands of legitimate customers.

Over 50 major global retailers had inventory at 6 a.m. pacific. Our NVIDIA team and partners are shipping more RTX 3080 cards every day to retailers.”

Nvidia apologised to customers “for this morning’s experience”.

Here in Australia, retailer Mwave had to raffle off the right to purchase low stocks of the RTX 3080 Founders Edition. Another raffle for the RTX 3090 is taking place at the end of this week.

Last week, PS5 pre-orders came and went in an extremely short period of time within the country, prompting Sony to apologise to customers for the experience.


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