NHL 19 open beta available now on Xbox, PS4


Time for some Ones?

The NHL 19 open beta is now available for download on Xbox One and PS4.

Available today until 2 August, the open beta provides access to the new World of Chel hub and includes events such as Ones, Threes Drop-In and the Pro-Am.

Ones is a three-player, 1v1v1 game type where skaters will scramble to gain control of the puck and score against a single goalie. Threes makes its return from a big push in NHL 18 and Pro-Am is essentially a player-locked EASHL single-player tutorial.

The open beta also demonstrates NHL 19‘s new class system, which will help you to create your in-game player character. You’ll be able to alter your physique alongside primary and secondary traits.

Download the NHL 19 open beta

NHL 19 heads to Xbox One and PS4 on 14 September. The game will reward returning players with loyalty packs depending on past games played.