NHL 19 loyalty rewards offer HUT packs to returning players


Own NHL 16-18? You'll get rewards if so.

NHL 19 loyalty rewards to offer HUT packs to those who’ve played NHL 16, NHL 17 and NHL 18, EA today confirmed.

“Previous owners of NHL 16, NHL 17, and NHL 18 receive special rewards in HUT 19,” EA today confirmed. “Packs and items will be awarded incrementally for each year of ownership, granting awesome rewards to returning players.”

Packs will be awarded under the following conditions:

  • 2 HUT packs for your first year of ownership, 3 more packs for your second year of ownership, and 5 more packs if you own all three.
  • 1 HUT Cover Athlete item per year of ownership, Jonathan Toews for owners of NHL 16, Vladimir Tarasenko for owners of NHL 17, and Connor McDavid for owners of NHL 18.
  • 1 World of Chel Hockey Bag per year of ownership

Not a bad set of rewards for returning players, eh?

NHL 19 heads to Xbox One and PS4 on 14 September.