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Mute chat is coming to Rainbow Six Siege to fight toxic behaviour

If you can't play with friends, you shouldn't need to put up with abuse.

Rainbow Six Siege has been a proud industry leader at fighting toxic players, having already taken measures to crack down on homophobic and racial slurs. Later in Year 3 it will go a step further and introduce an option to mute player chat all together as it fights to keep toxic behaviour out of the game.

“The option to mute chat is a new step to try to put in a softer edge and add some options for any player to mute that chat of anyone else, because we all know how chat can sometimes be toxic,” Rainbow Six Siege Brand Director Alexandre Remy told me at the Six Major in Paris.

“I don’t think it’s a problem to [offer mute chat to everyone in a game that is built upon teamwork]. Having the option is the best way to proceed. Having the option to mute people is how we should be dealing with toxicity in the game.”

The developers openly state Siege is a game that’s meant to be played with your friends. Of course you can jump into a casual match with random players, but you will only get the full Rainbow Six Siege experience if you are teaming up with a squad you can trust, and that’s the best way to fight toxicity – the option to mute players is more of a contingency for when you are unlucky enough to find an unwanted heckler in your party.

“If you play the game with your friends, chances are they are not toxic and you should keep all the channels of communication open and then everything is really good,” said Remy.

“On the contrary, if you do play solo and you end up being in a party with someone who is really a pain in the arse in the chat, honestly it’s best to be able to mute them. It can make you rage quit or even start to become toxic yourself, so that triggers many snowball effects and make things worse. We’re convinced this is the right solution.”

As well as the ongoing commitment to fighting toxicity, Ubisoft also has its eyes firmly set on cheaters and players boosting their accounts and will introduce mandatory two-factor authentication for ranked matches.

Stevivor was a guest at the Rainbow Six Major in Paris. Ubisoft covered flights, accommodation and meals.


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