Rainbow Six Siege will add mandatory two-factor authentication to stop cheating

Rainbow Six Siege will introduce mandatory two-factor authentication for ranked matches to combat the rise of cheaters and players boosting their accounts.

I spoke to Rainbow Six Siege Brand Director Alexandre Remy at the Six Major in Paris who explained why it’s so important.

“Today one of the main problems around player cheating that we’re seeing is account boosting,” said Remy.

“What they do is pretty simple, there is cheater in the party who joins with four other players, as usual, and one or several of those players are getting boosted by that cheater. When you do win a match, you get points and he’s carrying the whole party to a higher rank on MMR [matchmaking rating].”

So far, there haven’t been any serious consequences for the cheater and the boosted players have nothing to worry about.

“At the moment, the cheater is usually pretty safe,” he said. “If he gets banned, and he usually gets banned pretty quickly, he just has to create a new account and keep on doing that over and over again.

“There is a whole economy around it. People do pay to have their account boosted, and pay more for a higher level. For you as a regular player who has put in time to improve your rank, when you enter ranked matchmaking, you end up being matched with players who are not really at the level that they are supposed to be.”

The introduction of mandatory two-factor authentication for ranked matches should reduce the prevalence of cheaters. Not just because it makes it harder for the cheaters themselves to keep creating accounts. The players paying to be boosted also risk losing their account if they are caught. If they decide it’s not worth the risk, they cheaters lose their clientele.

“The two-factor authentication is an extra security step that will remove that problem because hackers and cheaters now have more problems changing accounts over and over again,” explained Remy.

“The people who are getting boosted should also be much more careful, because we are banning those people being boosted as well. If they get caught [and banned] with two-factor authentication enabled, it’s really a pain to have to start again. We are starting to hit hard on that main issue that we are seeing in regards to cheating in ranked matches”.

It shouldn’t be a problem for genuine players who put in the time and effort to earn their rank. We recommend using two-factor authentication to protect all of your important online accounts.

While it will become mandatory for ranked matches, you won’t need to have two-factor authentication enabled on your account to play casual matches.

Ubisoft is also continuing its fight against toxic behaviour and will add an option to mute chat during the upcoming season.

Stevivor was a guest at the Rainbow Six Major in Paris. Ubisoft covered flights, accommodation and meals.

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