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Mass Effect: Andromeda’s fans say gay romances pale in comparison to straight ones

Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s straight romance scenes seem to trump its gay ones, fans today complain.

They’re not wrong, either — a comparison of the heterosexual coupling of Ryder and Cora looks infinitely racier than one between homosexual couple Ryder and Gil.

If you don’t mind spoilers, here’s Ryder and Gil first (from the 6:00 mark):

In comparison, here’s Ryder and Cora (head to 24:30):


So one kiss and some above shoulder action, compared to full-on tits ‘n ass? It hardly seems balanced.

“Well.. I am a bit disappointed by the sex scene,” Syanna said on YouTube. “Cora sex scene was magic, hell even the casual sex with Peebee was magic… this was just.. ‘Oh, gay guys, is funny right? cuz they are men?’, just a kiss and throw to bed naked, that’s gay sex for you.”

“Of course the gay romance gets a rushed fade to black, while the hetero ones get ‘hip gyrations’,” wrote Darkye. “The Mass Effect team is as idiotic as ever… Waiting on stuff like ‘why can’t you be happy with the scraps we gave you’ from the brain-dead team, aka Mass Effect team.”

“It looks like they were ashamed of this kind of scene,” Yann said. “Even the kisses are hidden, nothing to see with the Cora’s kisses. When the two man kiss, there is always something in the front. Arms, hands…”

Moreover, those who wish to play as a gay male do not have the opportunity to court a member of their fireteam — none of the three males that Ryder can take on missions identifies as gay or bisexual. A lesbian Ryder can court two of her potential six squadmates.

We’ve asked BioWare for comment on the matter.

Mass Effect: Andromeda heads to Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4 this week. We reviewed the game here.

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