Halo Master Chief Collection custom installation lets you choose what to install


Don't want one of the Halo games? Get rid of it!

Halo Master Chief Collection has a special menu that lets you choose the portions of the game you’d like to install on your Xbox One.

The handy menu was detailed by Achievement hunter extraordinaire Maka, as sent to us by reader Beau (thanks, btw).

Maka points out that a special Custom Installation menu is available via Options & Career > Gameplay > Change Installed Games.

Using the special menu, “you are able to choose what parts of what games to install, and you can skip certain parts as well,” Maka wrote. “This can help you minimize the size of your update download, and free up some harddrive space!”

This is a perfect way to minimise the 73GB of potential update you’re about to download for your Xbox One X. Don’t like Halo 4 multiplayer? Banish it!

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is available on Xbox One and heads to Xbox Game Pass on 1 September.