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Hackers now able to add games to the PlayStation Classic

Fancy some Crash Bandicoot on your new mini-console? Hackers are making it happen.

Hackers have already managed to load new games on the PlayStation Classic thanks inadequate cryptography found inside the console itself.

Via Ars Technica, we’ve learned that hackers discovered that the console’s been signed and encrypted using a key that’s been embedded within it rather than a private key held by Sony itself. Hackers have used said key to unlock the console and then load new games into it, via USB, at startup.

Hacker yifanlu has proven the method works using Crash Bandicoot — you can check that out below.

ArsTechnica notes that the hack requires amending database and INI files, and therefore it mightn’t work as expected across different regions. Considering an improperly formatted payload might brick your console, it’s best to tread carefully if you’re choosing to look into this hack.

We recently reviewed the PlayStation Classic, deciding a sparse, inconsistent library meant it wasn’t worth a purchase.


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