Google Stadia usernames can be changed at any time


We call dibs on 'Stevivor' (obviously).

Google Stadia usernames can be changed at any time, a Google spokesperson has confirmed.

Stadia’s head of Communications, Patrick Seybold, made the confirmation with PCGamesN over E3, though not much more was offered. At present, we’re unsure if a username change will cost you any real-world money. Additionally, it’s unclear if Stadia will allow for two users to essentially have the same username, as recent changes to the Xbox gamer tag system now allow.

Stadia was detailed ahead of E3; heading to 14 regions (not including Australia) at launch, the service will eventually offer two subscription tiers ranging from 1080p to 4K streaming. It’s been calculated that Stadia will use 1TB of data for every 2.5 days of 4K streaming.

We’ll keep you informed as more on Stadia’s Australian launch is known.