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Google Stadia to use 1TB of data for every 2.5 days of 4K gaming

So you'll need speed and a plan without a data cap.

Google Stadia will likely chew through 1TB of data for every 65 hours a user streams in 4K resolution.

The report comes by way of PC Gamer, who did some hardcore number crunching after Stadia’s pre-E3 2019 livestream earlier this morning.

“Google says it can provide a steady 60fps 4K stream with a bitrate of 35Mbps,” PC Gamer writes. “That’s the high end of the streaming requirements, while 1080p at 60fps drops the bandwidth to 20Mbps, and 720p 60fps requires just 10Mbps. That works out to around 15.75GB per hour of 4K streaming, 9GB per hour of 1080p, or 4.5GB per hour at 720p.”

All up, it’s fairly bad news for people on data caps or, potentially, those with “fair usage” clauses in their contract. GameInformer notes that within the USA, internet service provider Comcast has a 1TB data cap before charging customers an extra $50 USD for further usage.

Such high internet demands aren’t a concern for Aussie users as yet — we’re not included in 14 regions that will receive Stadia access this November.

We’ll keep you posted on Stadia as more is made available.


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