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Recap: StarCraft II WCS ANZ Challenger 2017, Season 3: The story so far


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Season 3 of WCS ANZ Challenger 2017 started with a bang. The stakes are higher this season and players fought through an online bracket for eight paid trips to the live event coming this Saturday in Sydney.

The qualifying round for Season 3 was held a fortnight ago on the 10th of June. The bracket paved a trail of 29 of our region’s finest players to compete for the remaining six places and potential glory.

The bracket began with a more interesting dynamic than previous seasons. The opportunity to be flown to a live event on home soil is a coveted one. Each qualifying match was a heartstopping affair and players put everything they had into their matches.

Our reigning champions Ethan ‘iaguz’ Zugai and Sheldon ‘Seither’ Barrow were off representing our region in Jönköping and were awarded the first two qualifying places. While they faced tough opposition overseas and were slain without much fanfare, you can bet they will be raring for action come Saturday.

The first big upset in the bracket came early with Ryan ‘NXZ’ Jones dispatching New Zealand zerg favourite David ‘MightyKiwi’ Gore to advance to the Quarter Finals. Not yet content with his performance, NXZ went on a rampage defeating Frustration and Meomaika to secure his flights to the main event. He looked nigh unstoppable in the Winner’s Bracket until succumbing to tournament favourite Sean ‘Probe’ Kempen.

Newcomer ‘nOtoRioUsPiG’ (lovable caster Jared ‘PiG’ Krensel’s brother, Noah Krensel) turned heads with a mighty campaign through the Lower Bracket. He dispatched seasoned veterans Runamok, EnDerr and Peppy. He was stopped agonisingly close to the finish line by MightyKiwi, who was determined to claim his place in the main event.

The tournament surged closer to crowning the top 6 players like a well-oiled machine. Make sure you read part two, published later today, to be brought up to speed.

The StarCraft II WCS ANZ Challenger 2017, Season 3 finals take place this weekend. Watch them here.