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Recap: Last season’s StarCraft II WCS ANZ Challenger 2017


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This year has been action-packed and full of opportunity for our local talent in WCS. Last season we saw 16 players duking it out for their share of $10,000 and two qualifying spots to travel overseas, representing our region in WCS Jönköping.

Season 2 boasted enough upsets and nail-biting moments to satisfy even the most seasoned StarCraft II fan.

Ryan ‘NXZ’ Jones came out of presumed retirement to defeat Varun ‘DemiLove’ Immanuel. Jamie ‘Peppy’ Austin slayed the up-and-comer Tran ‘MeomaikA’ Hong Phuc, and David ‘MightyKiwi’ Gore wowed the audience with an impressive performance, falling a whisker short of the finals.

Sheldon ‘Seither’ Barrow’s performance was a pleasant surprise after his miserly performance in Season 1. He burst forth like a phoenix from the ashes, demolishing each opponent with ease and quickly securing a finals placement.

The tumultuous bracket resulted in a photo finish towards the Grand Finals. Ethan ‘iaguz’ Zugai and Sean ‘Probe’ Kempen were tied in a best-of-three, locked in battle on Abyssal Reef. Winner-takes-all.

After some calculated pressure, Probe overcommitted his army and lost a critical engagement. Iaguz fought back with a huge advantage, clinched the win, and tickets to Jönköping.

The Grand Finals produced close games and intense battles as each player poised for position. Seither favoured ground-based compositions, scrappy engagements and multi-tasking, while Iaguz was more comfortable maintaining air control and and patient play.

The series eventually tied at two maps apiece. Iaguz set a trap for Seither and took control of the map, positioning himself to starve Seither’s economy until victory was inevitable.

It has been a month since the last event and our players have barely had enough time to catch their breath. As we barrel headfirst into this Saturday’s Season 3 WCS ANZ Challenger league showdown live in Sydney, the stakes are higher than ever before.