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How World of Warships built the in-game HMAS Vampire

A great undertaking, detailed.

As part of its 20th anniversary celebrations — and the game’s own 3rd anniversary — Wargaming recently shared some behind-the-scenes details of the creation of World of Warships in-game HMAS Vampire.

Available since December 2017, the HMAS Vampire is one of around 300 historically accurate ships available in World of Warships. According to Wargaming, the HMAS Vampire was added to the game “due to a desire” to use the ship by Australian players.

“To acquire historically accurate information on the HMAS Vampire, World of Warships historians launched a special expedition to work in the UK, as well as partnered with the National Archives of Australia, Royal Museums of Greenwich and Imperial War Museum to access archived documents such as blueprints on Commonwealth navies and historic images,” Wargaming advised.

Similar work by the game’s historians will take the production team to museums to research a particular ship, or class of ship. The work leads to “special technical photos of the hull and ship’s superstructure to catch even the smallest of details, such as how the hull plates are bound or riveted, how the anchor system is organised and where the life rafts or fueling cables are located,” Wargaming continued.

In the case of the HMAS Vampire, the entire project took two years to get the ship into the game, with four months alone spent digitally producing and launching the warship. In contrast, it took the Wargaming team eight months to digitally produce and launch the historic Japanese warship Kaga into the game.

World of Warships is available now on Windows PC.


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