Destiny 2 Niobe Labs puzzle was missing its Level 7 hint



The Destiny 2 Niobe Labs puzzle was solved after the weekend, and since, Bungie has confirmed an error made it even harder than previously believed.

As it turns out, Bungie accidentally removed the hint that should have provided the community the tools needed to solve the puzzle’s final stage.

“Unfortunately, a string on Level 7 was improperly removed which would have provided additional information,”Bungie stated on its forums. “In lieu of this missing piece of the puzzle, we are providing the clue below to help players on their quest to complete Niobe Labs once and for all.”

That clue was snapped up my the RaidSecrets subreddit, and a solution passed on to livestreamer Gladd, who finally was able to solve the puzzle.

The puzzle’s solution was originally tied to the opening of the Bergusia Forge, but after a problematic launch, Bungie decoupled that requirement from the puzzle and opened the Black Armory’s final forge early.

Destiny 2 is available now on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4.