The Destiny 2 Niobe Labs puzzle has finally been solved


Days later, Gladd and his fireteam can finally walk away.

The Destiny 2 Niobe Labs puzzle has finally been solved, more than three days after the content was first made available.

The complex puzzle was finally solved by Gladd and his Fireteam (with the assistance of the Destiny 2 community and /r/RaidSecrets, of course) after countless frustration-inducing attempts stuck at wave 7.

You can see how happy Gladd was once he realised his time in the Niobe Labs was over. He and his fireteam received a Ghost and Shader for their effort.


The Niobe Lab puzzle was meant to unlock the Bergusia Forge, but developer Bungie did that after players complained the content wasn’t available.

Destiny 2 is available now on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4.