Destiny 2 Niobe Labs content available this week


But what it is, exactly?

Destiny 2 Niobe Labs content is set to unlock early tomorrow morning, though no one really knows what that will entail as yet.

“Niobe Labs is set to go live on January 8 [US time],” Bungie advised in its latest update. “It’s not a dungeon, but an event that will ultimately unlock the final forge.”

Those who’ve been lucky enough to unlock Black Armory lore from the Gofannon Forge know the story of Ada-1 and her family, the French benefactors of the Forges. As it turns out, Guardians hunted the Forges and their creators for access to superior weaponry for use in their fight against the Fallen. Ada died during this period and her mother transported her consciousness into the Exo we know as Ada-1. It’s believed by many that Ada’s human body as buried at the Niobe Labs, the same place Ada-1 was created.

It’s likely the Niobe Labs content will come with a quest step that involves the Obsidian Accelerator, a piece of technology that Guardians were also after. It’s also likely that the Niobe Labs quest will be useful in obtaining the Black Armory Key, the final one needed to unlock the Exotic Mysterious Box that first appeared with the Volundr Forge.

If you want to read the lore for yourself, head here. If you’d rather earn that lore for yourself, it’s recommended you set 10 Power armour on all of your Guardian’s slots (in order to drop your Power down so you won’t matchmake with other players) and then just go AFK from the Gofannon Forge for hours on end in an attempt to grab the RNG-dependent items.

Niobe Labs is one of the last scheduled content drops for the Black Armory — an Exotic quest follows from 29 January and the Crimson Days Valentine’s Day-themed event concludes matters from 5 February.

Destiny 2 Niobe Labs content should unlock at the weekly reset — that takes place at 4.00 am AEDT tomorrow, 9 December. The title’s available on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4.