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Destiny 2 Lego emblem exclusive to GameStop

A special Destiny 2 Lego emblem is exclusive to GameStop and the purchase of Mega Construx, the retailer recently detailed.

The emblem isn’t exactly Lego, per say, but looks darn similar. Take a closer look at the emblem above and below.

There are currently three items in the Destiny 2 Mega Construx collection: the S-34 Ravensteeel Sparrow ($15.99 USD), Cabal Bruiser Battle Building ($29.99 USD) and the Cabal Harvester Dropship ($199.99 USD).

We’re checking in with EB Games Australia to see if Aussies will get a similar chance to obtain the emblem. If not, might be best to check eBay and see what you can come up with.

Destiny 2 is available now on Xbox One and PS4. It heads to Windows PC later in the month. Its Prestige Leviathan Raid has been delayed to next week, though the first Iron Banner event kicks off tonight.


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