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Confirmed: Prey’s input lag on PS4 has been fixed


Prey is now available, and Stevivor can confirm that Arkane Studios has fixed the issue of input lag on PS4.

Prey‘s demo, released earlier this week, suffered from some notable input lag. It made Prey feel sluggish and choppy. After some testing with both the demo and the full version of the game — running next to each other, no less — it appears that Raphael Colantonio’s admission that the lag “was fixed a long time ago” looks to be spot on.

There is a visible difference in the two versions running side by side, with the full version of Prey reacting slightly quicker. The interesting thing about it is that if you focus entirely on the responses to the controller, the full version of the game will still feel like it’s reacting a little slow. Playing the game as intended — not pressing one button over and over to gauge lag — feels completely different in the full version, however.

Rest assured: Prey‘s responses may not be lightning fast, but its controls feel infinitely better than the demo version. It couldn’t be more night and day — while it may not look all that different, it feels much better.

Prey is available now on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4.