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Prey’s input lag on PS4 was fixed “a long time ago”, says Arkane


Update: Speaking with Stevivor today, Arkane’s Raphael Colantonio said the issue of input lag on PS4 was addressed “a long time ago.”

“Oh yeah,” he told Stevivor today. “That was fixed a long time ago. Patched.”

Colantonio said it didn’t make it into the demo due to resourcing — the same reason a Prey demo wasn’t made available on Windows PC.

Original story: Bethesda has acknowledged that Prey‘s demo is suffering from input lag on PS4.

The demo, available now on PS4 and Xbox One, seems to work fine on the latter console. On the former, Morgan Yu responds to controller input after a noticeable delay.

Bethesda took to NeoGAF to address the issue.

“To get a little more technical on the update,” a representative began, “to address input lag, the fix within the final release in the game changes the raw input curve on the PS4 controller to be more responsive at the low end, and to tweak responsiveness to the center point on the controller (narrowing the dead zone.). The net result is faster/more responsive movement.”

It seems like a simple fix, but Bethesda’s policy on review access means outlets like Stevivor won’t be able to confirm the fix until the game is released at retail.

If you’re in doubt over the quality of the PS4 release, Prey is also available on Windows PC and Xbox One. The title heads to all three platforms on 5 May.


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