Call of Duty Modern Warfare update quietens footsteps, balances weapons


The M4 and 725 shotgun have been balanced again.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare has been updated to version 1.08, and while it doesn’t include new modes and maps like last week’s patch, it does bring highly requested balancing to gameplay.

Domination players will notice the B flag has been moved on Piccadilly, and is now closer to the buses than the central fountain. Spawn points have also been tuned.

Crucially, the patch addresses the loud footsteps that made some opposing players too easy to hear when they thought they were being subtle. It’s been adjusted to always use the quieter walking footsteps sound when aiming down the sights or crouching; rather than the much louder jogging or sprinting sound effects.

Previously, moving fast while aiming or crouching could cause the game to bump the sound into the next category; now it’s been simplified to be consistent.

The update also brings more weapon balancing to the riot shield, M4, 725, ARs, FAL, EB-14 and generally to how much ammo spawns.

The 725 shotgun, a point of contention since launch, has had its range reduced yet again, after previous tweaks failed to reduce its overpowered status. Likewise, the M4 has been nurfed again and now deals less head damage.

See the full patch notes from Reddit below.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is out now on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 1.08 update patch notes

General fixes

  • More backend fixes to prevent crashes and improve stability across all modes and all platforms

Riot Shield:

  • Fix for a bug where a player using the Riot Shield would not take explosive damage during certain situations

  • Fixed an issue where the Riot Shield would stow on the players back when using Stim. (Tactical)


  • Adjusted to always play walk footstep sounds when in ADS and crouch independent of speed

  • Increased the speed in which you can remain using the walk footstep sounds by slightly pressing on the movement stick


  • General fix for the UI and Challenge state getting out of sync. We’ll continue to monitor and make additional fixes as needed in future updates

  • Fix for a challenge related error that could occur; DEV ERROR 5476

  • Fix for Mission Challenge description, “Get Kills with a Burst Weapons” being too vague.


  • Spawn tuning while playing TDM and Domination

  • Domination flag adjustments; B Flag is now near the busses instead of the center fountain


  • ARs: Minor hip spread adjustment

  • 725: Reduce range

  • M4: increase hip spread, decrease damage to the head

  • FAL: Reduced recoil, increased ADS speed

  • EB-14: Increase ADS speed

  • Miscellaneous ammo reserve adjustments upon spawning to be in-line with other weapons of their class

Special Operations:

  • Fix for a bug where a player using the Overkill perk with an SMG as their secondary would sometimes spawn without a primary weapon when joining a match in progress