Battlefield 5 takes place in World War II


We guessed it.

Fans and journalists alike guessed it – the V does stand for Victory. Battlefield 5 was today confirmed to take place in World War II.

“The vision we had sixteen years ago was really a blend between air, land and sea combat, together with more soldiers on the battlefield than you ever had seen,” DICE’s Lars Gustavvson, Senior Producer, said of the franchise’s first title, Battlefield 1942.

To Gustavvson, Battlefield 5 is a love letter to the franchise.

“We’ve longed for years to go back to where Battlefield started, with new possibilities.”
World War II provided the perfect backdrop to do this, Gustavvson declared.

“This war was really the war that forged the modern world,” he said. “There’s an endless amount of stories to be told. For us, it’s really about going back to the roots, to challenges ourselves and challenge our perceptions of the Second World War. From the get-go we set out to create the richest Battlefield we’ve ever made.”

“We wanted to give players something new – the team back home in Stockhom had a clear vision on what we wanted to do: deliver an unexpected take on the Second World War,” Senior Producer Andreas Morell added. “To tell the untold stories.”

Battlefield 5 heads to Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4 by 19 October at the latest.

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