Resident Evil 2 Ghost Survivors Unlocks and Records


Your guide to master the DLC.

Resident Evil 2 Ghost Survivors DLC is out now, and with the free content comes a host of new unlocks and Records to earn.

We’ve collated all the records alongside known requirements and rewards below. Where possible, we’ve linked to other guides that will help you unlock rewards.

Ghost Survivors unlocks and Records

  • Warm Up Complete: Play The Ghost Survivors 3 times.
    • Reward: Tiger accessory
  • All Nights Dawn: Play The Ghost Survivors 10 times.
    • Reward: Raccoon accessory
  • Getting Over It: Complete the No Time to Mourn scenario.
    • Reward: G accessory
  • Reunited: Complete the Runaway scenario.
    • Unicorn accessory
  • Mission Complete?: Complete the Forgotten Soldier scenario.
    • Reward: Ivy accessory
  • 1st Survivor: Complete the A Way Out scenario.
    • Reward: Molded accessory
  • The Great Gunsmith: Complete the No Time To Mourn scenario (No training mode)
    • Reward: Sheep accessory
  • The Power of Love: Complete the Runaway scenario (No training mode).
    • Reward: Crocodile accessory
  • The Ghost Who Lived: Complete the Forgotten Soldier scenario (No training mode).
    • Reward: Gas mask accessory
  • Hell of a Sheriff: Beat the “A Way Out” scenario (No training mode).
    • Reward: Licker accessory
  • Sewer Explorer: Complete the No Time To Mourn scenario with both routes. (No training mode).
    • Reward: Tyrant accessory
  • Mastering Unlocking: Complete and open all locks in the Runaway scenario. (No training mode).
    • Reward: Egghead accessory
  • Cookin’ Up A Bomb: Make a grenade by combining items.
    • Reward: Skull accessory
    • Note: Yellow and White gunpowder make a grenade.
  • Gunslinger: Complete the No Way Out scenario without firing more than 60 handgun bullets.
    • Reward: Cat ears (infinite ammo) accessory
  • Got ‘Em: Destroy all Mr. Raccoons hidden in The Ghost Survivors mode (10 in total).
    • Reward: Mr. Raccoon accessory

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