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How many missions are there in Destroy All Humans?

Destroy All Humans is available now on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4 and we’ve not only got a list of all available missions but an idea of how long it’ll take you to finish the game.

You can read spoiler-free and spoiler-filled responses below.

Spoiler-free: Mission count

All up, there are twenty-three (23) missions over six (6) locations. The game took us around 10-15 hours to fully complete, not only finishing the missions but four challenges each across the six locations.

Spoiler-filled: Mission names

Want an idea of what to expect in more detail? Easy — all mission names are below, grouped under location rather than a list that’s fully chronological.

  • Turnipseed Farm
    • Destination Earth!
  • Rockwell
    • Earth Women Are Delicious!
    • Citizen Crypto
    • Teenage Zombies From Outer Space!
  • Santa Modesta
    • Alien Pool Party
    • Televisions of Doom!
    • Aliens Stole My Brain Stem!
    • This Island Suburbia
    • South By Southwest
    • Foreign Correspondent
    • Suburb Of The Damned
    • It’s A Wonderful Armageddon
  • Area 42
    • Whatever Happened to Crypto 136?
    • The Mutant Menace
    • The Wrong Stuff (this is a new mission recovered from the game’s original development)
    • Duck And Cover
  • Union Town
    • Furon Down!
    • Armquist Vs. The Furons!
  • Capitol City
    • Mr. Crypto Goes To Capitol City
    • The Lone Gunman
    • The Furon Filibuster
    • Shocking Developments
    • Attack Of The 50-Foot President!

Destroy All Humans heads to Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4 from 28 July. We reviewed it here.

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