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Fallout 4: Where to get Power Armor (and how to use it!)

One of the biggest changes returning players will need to adjust to in Fallout 4 is the new way in which Power Armor works.

No longer apparel like Raider Armor or leathers, Power Armor is essentially a vehicle. It can’t be picked up and wholly placed in inventory, and moreover, requires a Fusion Core to operate efficiently.

Power Armor sits on a base frame that you climb into; components like helmets, arms and legs can be added to the chassis and repaired and replaced as you go. Components can also be modified for more power or simply to put on a new coat of paint. That can all be done at a Power Armor Station — they’re the yellow hoists littered all over the joint (you can almost see one at the back of the image up top in Sanctuary). To work on a suit, position it near a station, get out of it, and you’ll be able to Craft from there.

Our tip for Power Armor is to grab as many suits as you can; they can be stored at a base of operations like Sanctuary so you can swap out components easily. We’ve also noticed that settlers in your settlements will ‘borrow’ suits from time to time to help fend off attackers.

With the changes to Power Armor now laid out for you, it’s time to grab some, eh?

Here are some of our favourite locations to scavenge from. We’ve skipped the set of Armor you’ll encounter fairly early on in the game, providing you’re sticking to the first couple of quests involving the Minutemen’s Preston Garvey.

Full set of T-45 Power Armor:

The earliest set of Power Armor you can find is right along the top of the map. From where you start at Vault 111, simply head east until you find the Robotics Disposal Ground. There, you’ll find some Fusion Cores and a Fat Man.

fallout4roboticsdisposalgroundmap fallout4roboticsdisposalgroundfatman fallout4roboticsdisposalgroundfusioncore
More importantly, just a bit southeast of that marker (head towards USAF Satellite Station Olivia– and if you get there, you’ve gone too far) is a crashed Vertibird with a full set of T-45 Power Armor.

fallout4roboticsdisposalgroundarmor fallout4roboticsdisposalgroundvertibird
Submerged partial set of T-45 Power Armor:

A downed Vertibird in Covenant Lake offers up the opportunity for a partial set of T-45 Armor. Head southeast from Vault 111 and stay in the same direction of travel that’ll take you to the Red Rocket where you found Dogmeat. The northern tip of Covenant Lake features a crashed Vertibird just offshore.

Pop a Rad-X, head underwater and the Power Armor is yours.

fallout4vertibirdcovenantlake fallout4vertibirdcovenantlake2 fallout4covenantlakearmor
Partial T-51 Power Armor:

This set of partial T-51 Armor is found south of Vault 111. If you find Fort Hagan, go directly east to discover Fiddler’s Green Trailer Estates. Spend some time clearing out all the ghouls first. That done, you’ll need to hack a terminal to gain access to a safe that has the Fiddler’s Green Trailer Key.

fallout4fiddlersgreenmap fallout4fiddlersafeandterminal
Once you’ve obtained that, use the key to grab the armor. Voila!

fallout4fiddlersdoor fallout4fiddlersarmor
Partial T-45 Power Armor:

Stay in the same line of travel from Vault 111 that you took to Covenant Lake and then keep going southeast. You’ll run into Irish Pride Industries Shipyard. A bit before that is another crashed Vertibird and another partial set of gear.

fallout4irishpridecrashedvertibird fallout4irishvertibird fallout4irisharmor
There are more locations than that — we know first-hand — but we feel that’s enough to get you on your way. Happy exploring!

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