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Fallout 4: Cosplay as Han Solo and the Silver Shroud

Now that gamers ’round the world can jump into Fallout 4, we thought we’d give you some handy tips to keep busy in the Wasteland.

This tip is all about cosplay — why waste time with Raiders when you can run around the world as Han Solo from Star Wars or Fallout 4‘s own Silver Shroud?

Here’s what you’ll need to do to grab the “Black Vest and Slacks” outfit, seen above, as well as the Silver Shroud’s costume:

  • Head to Hubris Comics — it, like most other things, is southwest from Vault 111. We’ve included a map marker below for you to use (click the image to view a larger version). It’s also the third location in the Quartermastery quests you get from the Brotherhood of Steel.

Fallout4-Hubrismap Fallout4-Hubriscomics

  • Once there, it’s probably best to clear out all the baddies inside. There are a bunch of Feral Ghouls about, and a Legendary Glowing One at the top. Don’t forget about the collectible comic on the bottom floor!
  • Baddies taken care of, head to the top floor of the building. You’ll be in the legendary Silver Shroud sound stage. In the image below, Han’s outfit (ditch the hat it comes with for the full effect) is on the shelves to the left, while the Silver Shroud costume is on the mannequin on the right. Grab both — the Silver Shroud get-up has someone to do with another quest down the line.

Fallout4-hansolosilvershroud fallout4-blackvestandslacks
Stay tuned for more Fallout 4 tips.

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