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Fallout 4: Get a room and make friends in Vault 81

Now that gamers ’round the world can jump into Fallout 4, we thought we’d give you some handy tips to keep busy in the Wasteland.

This tip will provide you your own little place in the Wasteland — and in a Vault, to boot!

Vault 81 has a pretty damn interesting story behind it, and while we won’t really spoil it in the instructions below, we’ll give you a fairly good idea of how to procure your own room within the joint. Here we go:

  • Head to Vault 81 — it, like most other things, is southwest from Vault 111. Go right south and just a bit east, and you’ll see the river that runs around it. Screenshots below (click to see a larger version):

fallout4-vault81 fallout4-vault81exterior

  • To actually gain entrance into the Vault, you will need to hand over three Fusion Cores. Before you freak out, rest assured: they’re fairly common once you get into the swing of things.
  • Inside, accept a tour from the adorable Vault Dweller known as Austin (below). He’ll take you around to meet everyone — including a Doctor, a hairdresser that can change your current ‘do and more.


  • See that cat above? Yeah, it’s important too — it’ll escape from the Vault at some point, so accept a quest from Austin’s friend to go and track it down.
  • Go and grab that cat! Once you have, head back to the Vault to find out the next (and mysterious — ooooooh!) portion of Vault 81’s story. It’ll take you through a sequence with a ton of mole rats, so prepare yourself!
  • Once you’ve taken down some mole rats and made a decision — netting a new companion AND a Bobblehead along the way — you’ll be accepted into the Vault 81 family. As such, they’ll give you a room of your own, below:

vault81-yourroom vault81-yourbobbleheads
Stay tuned for more Fallout 4 tips.

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