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Destiny 2 Forsaken Week 5 Ascendant Challenge guide

The Destiny 2 Forsaken Week 5 Ascendant Challenge is now live, offering Guardians the chance to finish off one of The Dreaming City’s weekly bounties and grab some Powerful Gear.

Because of the rotation, Week 5 is also known as Week 11. Got that?

Week 5 Ascendant Challenge location

There’s not far, thankfully — head over The Dreaming City and then turn around and head to the Bay of Drowned Wishes Lost Sector immediately behind you.

Week 5 Ascendant Challenge lore collectible

If you’re looking to grab the lore collectible from inside the challenge, be aware that it’s roughly halfway through the jumping section at a broken bridge. Rather than climbing down the bridge, go up instead to find this week’s set of Ahamkara bones.

A video from Ninja Pups shows you the collectible alongside all Taken Eggs (though you’ll need the Wish Ender for the latter).

Week 5 Ascendant Challenge combat and walkthrough

As per usual, the Ascendant Challenge itself revolves around getting to the Ascendant Realm and getting through a jumping puzzle before some combat. This week, blights and two Taken Wizards will be your opponents. To succeed, defeat both Wizards.

A video from Esoterickk, below, will show you how it’s done.

Week 5 Ascendant Challenge Cheeses

Need some help? I know I do. The following video by Cheese Forever shows how each class can skip the initial jumping puzzle, and how Guardians can easily dispatch the two Wizards.

Titans can also use their new super tree’s melee dive to launch, Superman-style, to the pavillion.

Destiny 2 Forsaken is available now on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Destiny 2 Forsaken Ascendant Challenge guides

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