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Can’t get your Xbox Series X disc drive to work? Try this!

Maybe it was hibernating or something...

I quite honestly haven’t used my Xbox Series X disc drive since I first got the console in September 2020, and I only did it then to try backwards compatibility with an old Xbox 360 disc. While that worked back in the day, I was a bit alarmed this morning when I ejected that same Xbox 360 disc and tried to play a new game with a new disc.

In short, nothing happened. I ejected the disc and put it back in. I Googled “which way does a disc go into an Xbox Series X?” just to be sure (and that’s with the disc’s label facing the closest edge of the console, just for the record). I quickly assumed that my disc drive was broken… and I was wrong.

If you’re struggling to get your Xbox’s disc drive working, might I suggest this: hold down the power button on your Xbox Series X until you put it into a full shutdown. Then, simply hit the power button again to restart it.

That’s it; hopefully if you’re like me, your console will pretty much recognise you’ve got a disc inserted and ready to be read when it fires back up.

Xbox Support adds that some consoles may struggle to recognise discs if they’re in instant on mode — really, you should be saving power now that you’ve a better option.

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