Wooden Spoons: The worst and most disappointing of 2016


Homefront: The Revolution

Exactly in the same vein of Mafia IIIHomefront: The Revolution was an utter mess. Sadly, this one is chalked up to the IP changing hands in the wake of THQ’s collapse more than anything else.

In the end, through, Homefront was more of a chore than fun to pay. That’s quite sad, too — it was looking so good when we first saw it, years ago.


ReCore had a great concept, though delivered by Comcept — the only developer to have multiple entries on our wooden spoon list this year.

Confusion over budget-title-but-not pricing didn’t help things, but ReCore proved to be half-baked, much to the disappointment of many players. Oh, and don’t forget about those horrendous loading times; that, and Ben’s only save causes him to fall through the world, meaning he’d have to start again if he actually wanted to keep playing (he does not). Again, quality control — let’s not stress how important it is.


Sure, this might only impact us games sites, but Bethesda’s decision to stop early access to games for review sure sucks. It hurts us, and ultimately, it hurts the consumer — you have no idea what to expect from a game at release now.

Vote with your wallet and stop pre-ordering their titles.

Dishonourable mention: Nintendo

You were doing alright, Nintendo — sitting by, licking your wounds and waiting for the release of the Nintendo Switch. Hell, you even released a mobile game with Mario in it… but then stupidly made it an always-on internet title. Stupid move.

Please don’t screw up the Switch, Nintendo. For your sake as much as ours.