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The Xbox One X’s hard drive is “50% faster” than the Xbox One S’

Microsoft’s Kevin Gammill, Group Program Manager, Xbox Core Platform, confirmed that the Xbox One X’s hard drive is 50% faster than that inside the Xbox One S.

The improvement greatly benefits 4K GameDVR on the Xbox One X, Gammill continued.

“So there are two modes,” Gammill explained. “The kind of ‘how much do I remember back in time mode’ — I don’t remember exactly how long that is – and then there’s the kind of ‘start recording now and go forever mode’. [The latter] is totally driven by having space on a hard drive.”

Gammill confirmed that the Xbox One X will capture in native 4K, 60 frames-per-second, for as long as the console’s hard drive has storage space. He continued to say that there will not be a bandwidth issue recording 4K assets to the Xbox One X’s 1TB, non-SSD hard drive.

“We made sure all that’s good,” Gammill confirmed. “The hard drive is 50% faster than what comes in an [Xbox One] S.”

The Xbox One X heads to store shelves in November.


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