Quake Champions mod support still being considered


"There is an option for that maybe in the future."

Quake III Arena had a huge following back in the day, and a lot of that was also thanks to id Software supporting mods and other creators developing content for the game. Popular mods like Rocket Arena 3, Challenge ProMode Arena and Urban Terror helped sustain the Quake III community over the years after its initial release.

Stevivor spoke to Joshua Boyle, Community Manager for Quake Champions, about where they are at with mod support for their free-to-play game and if their stance has changed.

“I don’t think that it has necessarily changed,” Boyle said.

“I think that maybe the better way to frame where we are at with mods and the acceptance of the idea where we can just hand things off to the community is – right now where we are in early access is crawl to walk. So I almost honestly consider it that we are the mods right now. For example SlipGate is another mode that we announced which is in development.”

“I think the best way to think about it maybe for a frame is that right now we are basically the mod team, but once down the line when we are out of early access we can look at the free-to-play model and monetisation – there is an option for that maybe in the future.”

Quake Champions is available now in Early Access for free on Windows PC via Steam and Bethesda.net.

Luke Lawrie travelled to Dallas, U.S.A as a guest of Bethesda at QuakeCon