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Interview: Uncharted: The Lost Legacy’s shades of grey

Speaking with Stevivor, Scott Lowe, Senior Communications Manager at Naughty Dog, detailed Chloe and Nadine as Uncharted: The Lost Legacy‘s leads alongside the general themes of the upcoming title.

“The way we think about [Uncharted] is, like, the universe isn’t binary,” Lowe began. “There’s not good and bad. There’s shades of grey.

“Chloe, obviously, has a different sort of background, a different kind of approach [to that of Nathan Drake]. She holds a lot of things close to the vest. She doesn’t let people in. She’s very much a loner in that way, and she does have kind of this moral compass that’s not always as honourable as other characters in the universe. I think inherent to Chloe, there’s very kind of distinctive tones and themes that go through the game, but I think that’s one of the most exciting things about it, is you get to get a better understanding of what makes Chloe tick in a way that has never really been explored before because she hasn’t had this kind of focus.”

Nadine, introduced to Uncharted 4 as the leader of a private military organisation and a foe to Drake, is much like Chloe, Lowe continued.

“Same goes for Nadine — and I think that’s one of the more exciting things as well. Nadine was this antagonist character in the last game; all of our characters are very complex,” he said. “It’s not a matter of good and bad. She has her own code to live by — and you’ll learn a lot more about what drives her — because she was this kind of menacing character in the last game. You’ll see a lot more of her and understand why she is the way she is.”

As much as Chloe and Nadine team up to find a series of artefacts, they do it to understand themselves and each other.

“[Chloe and Nadine] have never worked together before, so there is this kind of learning period where they have to figure out how each other works,” Lowe continued. “I think there is a bit of cool contrast and conflict there. They don’t approach things in a very complimentary way; there is cool conflict between them in addition to the conflict with Asav, the antagonist. They’ll open up more as you progress through this particular environment and discover new things. You’ll get small details about them, which is cool.”

Think of the game as Uncharted‘s version of a buddy cop movie.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy heads to PS4 on 29 August. We recently previewed the game here.


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