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Why Uncharted: The Lost Legacy became a standalone game

While originally pegged as a piece of Uncharted 4 DLCNaughty Dog’s Uncharted: The Lost Legacy will head to gamers later this month as a standalone title. Stevivor sat down with Scott Lowe, Senior Communications Manager at Naughty Dog, to discuss the changes.

“I think it really was born from kind of the scale of the game,” Lowe said of the decision.

“You know, this is in line with the early Uncharted games in terms of scope, scale, and to some degree, length. Although, obviously, that various by play style and, particularly with this environment that we’re showing off today [the Western Ghats mountain range], which kind of lets you spend as much time as you’d like kind of exploring all the different activities and the core story stuff.”

Lowe said, in true Naughty Dog style, story-based DLC was confirmed before the developer really knew what it would entail. As The Lost Legacy continued to form in the minds of Naughty Dog’s staff, it became clear that The Lost Legacy was something bigger.

“I think the motivation to not just do DLC was really kind of born from… the idea that we knew we had to tell a new story; we refused to settle for telling a short… story,” Lowe continued. “We wanted to make sure that it was fully fleshed out, whether you, is like a meaningful experience where you felt like there was a clear beginning, middle, and end and that it was satisfying. I think that’s kind of what drove us to the point we’re at now.”

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy heads to PS4 on 29 August. We recently previewed the game here.


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