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Battlefield 5 single-player is “important,” says DICE

Whereas Battlefield 5 competitor Call of Duty Black Ops 4 has done away with a single-player campaign, DICE’s Daniel Verlin says they’re leaning upon it.

“From my perspective as a dev and [from] the people on the team, we just love it,” Verlin told Stevivor. “I love single-player.”

It’s as simple as that, it seems.

“So we’re building it, and that’s it,” he continued. “We like it, and we think it’s an important part of Battlefield as a game, because it’s something that also helps us set the style and the tone and the feeling of the game.

“I think it’s a vital part of Battlefield. And we’re doing it.”

Battlefield 5‘s War Stories single-player campaign will feed back into your company, helping level up characters that can be used across Combined Arms co-op and Grand Operations multiplayer action when you’re ready to check out those modes.

“Everything you do is gonna be with Tides of War so even if when you’re playing single-player, there are rewards in War Stories that go into your company,” Verlin asserted.

“So it’s not just playing cold, it’s not just playing multiplayer. We have that anthology format that we had in Battlefield 1 where you will have new characters — we’ll go to untold locations and so on, — whereas in the company you will build your own characters who you can customise exactly how you want.

“Those are the ones you bring into MP and those sort of things you bring into co-op.”

Battlefield 5 has three separate release dates in October over Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4. For all you need to know on the title, head here.

Stevivor was flown to London, England by EA for the Battlefield 5 reveal.

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