All the Alan Wake references we’ve found in Quantum Break


We know that Remedy’s Quantum Break features a bunch of references to Alan Wake and hopefully heralds the latter franchise’s eventual return. Now, Stevivor’s started to document those references in the lead up to our review and associated coverage.

While there’s a HUGE Alan Wake video straight away in Act 1-1, we’re not able to show you that content just yet.

Update [5 April]: Now we can!

There’s most stuff in Act 1, including a brilliant blackboard full of conspiracy theories alongside the live-action appearance of Wake’s “The Sudden Stop” in Quantum Break‘s first episode.

Update [28 March]: Here’s what we can show you from Act 2 — a signed copy of Wake’s “The Sudden Stop”:

Update [3 April]: Thisgengaming has found a Monarch employee PLAYING Alan Wake. Good choice. The site doesn’t say which Act the screenshot, below, was taken in:


Update [5 April]: Here’s from Act 4:

We don’t know about you, but we’re giddy excited that Alan Wake and Quantum Break‘s Jack Joyce share the same in-game world.

We’ll have more references for you as we find them (and embargoes no longer apply).