Overwatch‘s latest Public Test Server (PTR) patch is named after a returning event and a highly anticipated character. Redditors took to Notepad to delve into the latest patch, uncovering its name: Doomfist/Summer Games. The build being used in PTR

Blizzard is “drastically reducing the amount of duplicates” you’ll find inside Overwatch‘s Loot Boxes, the developer today advised. Moreover, Blizzard will increase the amount of credits that players will receive from Loot Boxes, Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan confirmed as part of a

Twitch and Blizzard have partnered up to provide special in-game content for Twitch Prime subscribers. The two-year deal also extends livestreaming rights of select Blizzard eSports events to Twitch. “As the first part of this landmark license deal, Blizzard is licensing third-party

A fan committee has chosen Blank Esports to represent Australia during the Sydney leg of the Overwatch Sydney World Cup. Currently ranked as the country’s best Overwatch team, Blank Esports’ roster includes Ajay ‘Aetar’ Umasankar (DPS), Jason ‘ieatuup’ Ho (DPS/Flex), Jordan ‘Gunba’

Blizzard today detailed the Overwatch Open Division, a new space that’ll help amateur players reach professional eSports levels. Those who ranked Master rank or higher in Overwatch‘s fourth competitive season — which ran between 1 March and 29 May — are

Overwatch‘s newest map, Horizon Lunar Colony, heads to PC and consoles in a week’s time, Blizzard today confirmed. Take a closer look at the map below: Pretty neat that the map’s been teased in several other Overwatch arenas already, eh? Horizon Lunar

Blizzard may tweak the way in which Overwatch competitive season quitters are dealt with in-game. Ask a competitive player what the worst part of an Overwatch season is and you’ll likely be told of quitters (well, that or those who don’t use

Need a pick me up? Overwatch‘s voice actors have you COVERED. Watch below as a handful of the game’s actors drop the beat and get the party started. As said in the video, “not everybody knows their dance emotes, so don’t judge.”

Overwatch has finally acknowledged Tracer’s girlfriend, Emily, in-game. Tracer speaks openly about Emily in a new voice line added to the game’s PTR alongside the new Lunar Colony map. The voice file is below, captured by Redvevo on Tumblr. “Wonder if

Blizzard today detailed the Sydney leg of the Overwatch World Cup. Taking place over 21-23 July at The Star Event Centre in Sydney, the event serves as a Group Stage qualifier for the 2017 World Cup. Two placements in the World

Overwatch will offer double XP to players over the weekend, Blizzard today confirmed. The double XP event begins at 10.00 am AEST on 9 June — perfect for players looking to level up and grab an Anniversary Loot Box at the

Overwatch‘s latest tease wasn’t about a character at all, instead introducing a new map. The map, Horizon Lunar Colony, is now available to try on the PC’s Public Test Realm (PTR). Moreover, Winston provides a tour of the new map

Overwatch‘s fifth competitive season is now live, offering up players the chance to stretch their eSports muscles. Live today from 10.00am AEST, the season will first require players to progress through 10 placement matches. That will determine your skill ranking

Blizzard appears to be teasing a new hero for Overwatch — and it looks to be a gorilla like Winston. The Overwatch blog now sports a post by the fictional Atlas News, which reports on the “possible fate of [the] Horizon Lunar Colony”.

Blizzard is “listening” to fans who say that Overwatch‘s Anniversary event is proving to be too costly. Between new Legendary skins, dance emotes and sprays, unlucky players who don’t drops from Loot Boxes would need to have 33,000 in-game credits

Overwatch will celebrate its anniversary with a new event, a GOTY edition and a weekend of free play. As last week’s rumours suggested, the Overwatch Anniversary event will celebrate the game’s first year. Pretty amazing to see how Overwatch launched, eh? The Anniversary event