Check out this new live-action short for Darksiders II, featuring none other than Game of Thrones’ James Cosmo. “The Last Sermon,” says THQ, “tells a story of mankind’s last hours on earth after War is tricked into prematurely bringing about

Settling into Warner Bros.’ preview space, I did my best to calmly walk over to the booth for Injustice: Gods Among Us, even though every fibre of my being wanted to emulate The Flash and be first in line to

Preview: Dead Space 3

With extreme excitement, I entered the Dead Space 3 preview area and sat down for a hands-off session with the upcoming survival horror title. Actually, scratch that. I don’t think “survival horror” isn’t accurate any longer. The original Dead Space

I know there’s more to this story, but I can’t quite get over something. Guys and girls, check out this video — did you expect the voice of Optimus Prime to look like this? Activision has confirmed that both Peter

We’re back to the guys who KNOW how to podcast properly with the Podcast number 7! Though Dave’s not here (man), Greg and Leo delve into what they’ve been playing, and focus on E3 after the big show. What

Xbox Live’s Major Nelson has just announced a couple changes to the “My Xbox LIVE” app on iOS, plus the availablility of the same app on Android devices. Says Major Nelson: The free My Xbox LIVE iPhone app update will

It was day three of E3…or day four, if you were counting what I’d coined “the press conference day from hell.” Most importantly, it was the last hour of the last day of the Expo. As I entered the Sony

I happened to walk by a stand for The Unfinished Swan at Sony’s preview space at E3…and then walked away about an hour later. It’s safe to say I was completely engrossed by Giant Sparrow’s new downloadable title. Playing as

Preview: SimCity

While the EA booth at E3 gave us a chance to look at many different games, none were as positive as Maxis’ refresh of SimCity. We’re talking positive in terms of the game itself, the people previewing it AND the

At this year’s E3, I had the chance to preview Sony’s new augmented reality (AR) peripheral, Wonderbook, together with its first release, J. K. Rowling’s Book of Spells. The Wonderbook itself is a twelve page book that, in the case

It’s the Podcast E3 special, direct from Los Angeles, California (and even more specifically, an IHOP outside the LA Convention Centre)! Special guest Arthur Kotsopoulos from joins Steve to discuss all the happenings of E3, including our bests

I had the opportunity to head to Ubisoft’s preview area and experience a hands-off extended demo of Splinter Cell: Blacklist, based on the one viewed at the Xbox Media Briefing. Sitting with developers, they primarily wanted to stress that we’re

There were three words you didn’t want to say around the Sony private preview room during E3, but I was fortunate enough to be in attendance when someone muttered, “Super Smash Bros.” while at the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale area.

Up in the private Sony preview area, I had a chance to view another The Last of Us demo. Only, it turned out to be the same one I saw at the Sony press conference. Almost move for move, in

Up in Nintendo’s preview area, I had a chance to go hands-on with the Wii U launch title Project P-100. Having never heard a word about the title before picking up the Wii U gamepad, I was pleasantly surprised. Project

Yesterday, I headed into Activision Blizzard’s preview space and had the chance to sit down with Dee Brown of Beenox to see a hands-off preview of The Amazing Spider-Man. According to Dee, this new movie-tie in was as much as