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Review: Gauntlet

I can’t tell if it is an indictment of games or a credit to the longevity of Gauntlet that the coin guzzling gameplay of 1985 arcades remains viable in 2014...


Preview: Gauntlet

The new Gauntlet needs views… badly. Original Gauntlet fans are probably shaking their heads in disgust at that bad pun, but you know what? That’s...


Watch: Gauntlet’s new E3 trailer

Warner Bros. today released a new Gauntlet E3 trailer that highlights the game’s Relics system. The Relics system will allow players to acquire new abilities...


WB brings back Gauntlet

Warner Bros. today announced the return of the arcade classic Gauntlet. Gauntlet‘s return will see it revamped as a “completely modernised action...