Yoshi’s Crafted World demo out now ahead of March release


Try before you buy.

Yoshi’s Crafted World demo is now available on Nintendo Switch, ahead of the game’s 29 March release.

“Nintendo Switch owners can head to Nintendo eShop to download a free demo for the artfully handcrafted game starting today,” Nintendo advised in a press release.

“In the Yoshi’s Crafted World game, players can explore the Front and Flip-Side of stages while rafting, racing solar cars, tearing through the sky on a plane and experiencing many other wild and surprising gameplay sequences. Using coins collected through the varied and secret-filled levels, players can unlock 180 different crafted costumes that Yoshi can wear.”

The demo is available now, on the eShop or via the following links:

Yoshi’s Crafted World heads to Nintendo Switch on 29 March.