Xbox Spring Update brings 1440p support, Mixer remote controls


Lots to get excited about.

The Xbox Spring Update is now rolling out to Insiders, Microsoft has confirmed.

According to a post on Xbox Wire, the update is pretty substantial. First, it allows for 1440p video output (2560×1440 resolution) on both Xbox One S and Xbox One X.

More excitingly, the update allows for a shared controller over Microsoft’s Mixer livestreaming service. A streamer will have the option to pass control of their game over to someone watching on the livestream, allowing for 1:1 control with the exception of the Xbox Guide button itself.

Moreover, Mixer has been beefed up so broadcasts will merely pause when switching games during a stream; previously, broadcasts would stop with a change of game.

The update also includes better filtering options and open tournaments via Game Hubs.

We’ll let you know when the update heads to all Xbox One users.