Xbox Series S back in stock at Amazon Australia; ships before Christmas

Need a Christmas gift? This might help!

The Xbox Series S is back in stock at Amazon Australia and will ship before Christmas.

Found here, the lesser-powered of the two Xbox Series consoles will set you back $499 AUD. Shipping is free with Prime Delivery, which you can sign up for a trial for here. Our test showed that the console should get to you by 30 November if you order today.

In our review of the Xbox Series S, we praised its capabilities — up to 1440p and 120FPS (frames-per-second) — though chastisied it for its lack of internal storage.

“While you’re instantly saving $250 AUD buying an Xbox Series S over an Xbox Series X, you’re more than halving your storage space in the process,” we wrote. “Purchasing a $360 AUD 1TB Seagate card fixes that, but you would be better off going with the X — and its 802GB SSD — while also benefitting from 4K, 120FPS (or 8K, 60FPS) capabilities, future-proofing yourself for a while to come. More than that, our loading speed and data transfer timings suggest that the Xbox Series X has another edge over (the admittedly adorable) Xbox Series S.”

Choose wisely.

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