Xbox One May Insider update adds 120Hz refresh rate, Groups


Like Pins, only... Groupier?

A planned Xbox One May 2018 Insider update will bring a variety of new features including a 120Hz refresh rate, game and app Groups and more, Microsoft has confirmed.

The 120Hz refresh rate will be available for 1080p and 1440p resolutions, where supported by your TV or monitor. Users will be able to choose between 60Hz and 120Hz options.

The update will also introduce Groups, a feature much like Pins — in fact, your Pins will make your console’s first proper Group. Groups will let you take games and apps and bundle them in groupings of your choice.

Microsoft has confirmed the May 2018 Insider update will also allow users the ability to trim game captures using the Xbox Guide, and boasts improved family settings alongside improvements to the Xbox Accessories app.

The update will roll out to Alpha Insiders next month.